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Le Pal park

This park counts 23 hectares and is a zoo and an attraction park in one! 17 hectares are belonging to the animals coming from each continent. They have a lot of space in very nice habitats. The attraction park counts 6 hectares and their is a rollercoaster, monorail, 3D movies, everyone can enjoy in parc le Pal and have a beautiful day.

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Michelin museum

The citizens of the Auvergne are very proud of the global success story of the Michelin tire brand and the “Michelin man”, Bibendum. Michelin museum is located in Clermont-Ferrand and displays the inventions of the Michelin brothers in a two-hour visit to the museum. Good to know: all signs, slide screenings, games and audio are in English and French. Click here for more information


This educational theme park is located in the volcanic chain Chaîne des Puys, near the Puy de Dôme. After visiting the park you know a lot more about the origins of volcanoes through interactive games, attractions and movies. You can learn how dinosaurs lived in the past, including a life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex. In summer the park is open extra long, extra enlivened with street theater, a dragon parade and the day will always end with a breathtaking fireworks. Click here for more information.


The forest of Tronçais

This particular forest with an area of 10600 acres consists almost exclusively of only sessile, some trees are over 400 years old. The forest can call itself one of the most beautiful highest oak forests in Europe. Besides the majestic flora fauna should also not be forgotten. The forest is home to include deer, roe deer, wild boars, tawny owls, several buzzards and booted eagles. Five beautiful ponds are contributing to the beauty of the forest. In July and August you can take a refreshing dip in one of the lakes equipped with water slides, possibilities example, paddle boats, mini golf, archery, tennis and fishing. In addition, one can also enjoy ‘normal’ hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding or enjoy the flora and fauna.

A day in department Creuse

The department Creuse, not far from Bonneblond, is perfect for a day out for young and old. In Gueret  you will find the largest natural giant maze, the labyrinth géant world. In about an hour you find the exit, at least that’s the idea … very exciting! On the property you will also find water slides, a petting zoo and games of skill. These are tailored to the giant maze so they are large in size. In Boussac you can find huge rock formations, Les Pierres Jaumâtres. After a long walk through the forest you can enjoy magnificent views and marvel at this beautiful natural mystery. Downstairs is a restaurant, a tree climbing course, miniature golf and laser tag.