Vichy & Moulins

Vichy is best known for its spas fed by the hot springs. Already in the first century there are proves that this city has its origin in a shallow part of the river Allier. The city is one of the most famous resorts in France. The buildings of Vichy will not disappoint architecture enthusiasts. Vichy a quiet town, with a special history during World War II. Click here for more information.

Moulins is the capital of the department of Allier, where the river flows past the city’s outskirts. Moulins Cathedral is located in the old town of Moulins. The city owes its name to the many water and windmills that have been here since the past. There is still a romantic anecdote about the origin of Moulins. A nobleman was forced in former times, by nightfall, to stay in a mill near Moulins. He fell in love with the miller’s daughter, married her and settled near the mill and built a castle. Around it formed a village and the town of Moulins was born. The gravel banks of the river Allier invite you to swim, picnic, fish. Click here for more information