The appartments

In the formal goat barns, are three cozy apartments situated, each suitable for two persons. A living, diner table, kitchenette, open bathroom with sink, shower and toilet. De original accents of the old barn are kept during renovating such as the brick walls, the wooden beams and the high ceiling. Outside the apartments you have a beautiful view over the estate. Each apartment have their own wooden garden furniture.


Appartment sunflower is the most left appartment. It has its view over the field. Cozy like the two other appartments, with some yellow accents like the sunflower. In summer you can find sunflowers on the fields in the area.



Apartment Mûre (Blackberry) is the apartment situated in the middle. Despite it is in between the two other apartments’, you have all the privacy you want to have. De accent color is purple. You can find the sweet wild fruits everywhere on the estate


Apartment Olive is the last one in the row of three, with nice Mediterranean olive accent colors. This apartment has its view in the direction of the lake and the cozy campsite. In de gardens of bonneblond you will find some old olive trees, which are maintained with care.

Pictures of the appartments