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To do at Domaine Bonneblond


Swimming pool

All guests of Bonneblond can use the swimming pool. Please swim in the pool without sunscreen. Immediately next to the swimming pool are comfortable sun beds that can be placed on the grass around the swimming pool, these should not be placed on the deck in front of the swimming pool.

There is no lifeguard. Swimming in the pool is at your own risk. Children who do not yet have a swimming diploma under the supervision of an adult.

Swimming lake

Swimming in the swimming lake is at your own risk as well as using our own materials such as the raft, boat, surfboard and water platform. There is no lifeguard. Children who do not yet have a swimming diploma under the supervision of an adult.


Our shop is open 24 hours a day. To collect bread, various foods including regional products. For larger shopping we advise you to visit one of the supermarkets in the area, view the supermarkets in the area in this app. The shop can be found at the reception and you use your 'honesty wallet' to 'pay'. In our camping shop you can pick up your bread order or breakfast basket every morning. The filled bread bags are ready from 8.30. The breakfast baskets are also there. In the breakfast basket is a complete breakfast, bread, baguette, croissants, orange juice, thermos of coffee and tea, a bottle of milk, sweet and savory spreads and of course a boiled egg. How easy is that? Certainly if you haven't been able to get it 'home' the morning after arrival. Even a champagne breakfast is possible! Order bread or breakfast basket? Simply place your order through the app, this is possible until 10 p.m. You can also join us at the breakfast buffet from 8.30.

Animation program

We offer a varied entertainment program that children always enjoy participating in! The full program can be found on the activity calendar or on the wooden doors of the farm and is suitable for different ages. Do you want to come the first time to see how things are going? That is of course allowed!

Donkey Tour

Have you ever been on a donkey and made a tour? We go twice a week to the neighboring village of Chazemais for the donkey trip. With your own transport you drive to the donkey farm, where the children themselves take the donkeys under supervision from the meadow. After brushing, saddling and starting the tour. Each donkey must have 1 own companion who must be 14 years or older. There is a choice of a route of an hour or a route of an hour and a half. We usually opt for the one-hour route, with a small break in between, for a small picnic. A maximum of 6 children per trip can participate and is suitable from 4 years. You pay cash on the spot. Reservations can be made via the app.


On Tuesdays you can go and play with Willem on the go-kart track at Montluçon. With your own transport you drive to Montluçon, following Willem to imagine you as Max Verstappen. The heats last 10-12 minutes. You can register via the app.

Recreation room

Is the weather not going well? Children can also enjoy themselves in the recreation room. The space includes a table tennis table, shuffleboard, giants-in-a-row, darts, table football, and costumes for stage plays. The recreation room can be found in the large farmhouse. The opening times are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. There are board games behind the glass doors on the right. These may be taken to the accommodation where you stay. Please ensure that it is completely returned.


The disco is a popular evening activity for many children! If there is a disco night, we will report this via the app or hang it on the wooden doors of the large farm


At our campsite there is a large trampoline for children! This has proven itself many times as suitable for hours of playing pleasure. The trampoline is located near the toilet block of the campsite. At the trampoline is a sign with a manual. Please do not use the trampoline when it is dark and take into account the campers at the campsite.

Table tennis

Fancy an exciting five-setter or a cozy game "around the table"? The table tennis table is suitable for young and old, playful and serious. The table has been a nice meeting place for years to get in touch with other camping guests. You can find the table in the playroom. Bats and balls are for sale in the shop at the reception. Tip: bring your own bats and balls from home.

Treasure hunt

We have a nice treasure hunt with assignments plotted on Bonneblond, you can do this on all days of the week. Pick up the information at the reception, suitable for the whole family!

Field golf

Bonneblond has a field golf course where you do not play golf with a golf club but with a clog and a ball. The course has 9 holes. You can find the course if you walk up the hill along the lake, the trail starts at the bench. Equipment can be rented at the reception.


In the field behind the pizza oven you can do archery on Thursday afternoon at 16.00 under the supervision of Willem. Young and old can participate. The person with the highest score of the day wins a free pizza! (the pizza evening is on Thursday evening)

Sports field

Everyone can lose their energy on the sports field! Whether it's in a game of football, with the popular game Kubb or another game, the field offers the space to run and play. You can find the sports field behind the glamping tents.

Football field

Beautiful memories are often made on the football field. Everyone comes together and has fun, whether during a serious football match or with a more accessible approach. The football field is freely accessible to all guests and can be found behind the glamping tents.


Another typical holiday activity: Pétanque! A game that offers fun for young and old. You can play pétanque to your heart's content on the gravel of the inner area near the large oak. There are pétanque sets at the board games behind the glass doors at the main farm, of course you can also bring your own set.

Volleyball / badminton

On the volleyball court, two teams can compete against each other in a classic game of volleyball, but the field is also good for badminton. The field and the net are arranged, take a ball with you and you are guaranteed to have fun! The volleyball court can be found behind the glamping tents. The material can be rented at the reception.

Walking and cycling routes

In the surroundings of Bonneblond you can make beautiful walking and cycling trips. Want to know more about this? You can find various routes and maps in the information box at the reception.

We also have e-bikes for rent (€ 30 per e-bike per day). Reservation is necessary. We do not have children's bicycles for rent.


Are you a fishing enthusiast and have you brought a fishing rod? You can throw this out in our own lake. The fish must be put back at all times. At the reception there is also a bucket with fishing equipment to borrow.


The sanitary building on the campsite is reserved for guests of the campsite and glamping. Guests staying in the rooms, studios and holiday home must use their own sanitary facilities. (the sanitary facility for the disabled can be used by all guests who have difficulty walking)

Dishwasihing areas

Washing dishes at Bonneblond is many times less annoying than at home! It is one of the moments in the day where you experience the ultimate holiday feeling. Our dishwashing areas are spacious, clean and of course equipped with warm (drinking) water. You can find them at the sanitary building.


Our campsite has various toilets. These are cleaned several times a day and are equipped with toilet paper as standard (although it is of course possible that it will run out in the meantime, please indicate it!).


Of course there are various sinks available on our campsite, with both hot and cold (drinking) water. Suitable for brushing your teeth, washing your hands and such. Mirrors and sockets are provided with the washbasins. You will find the washbasins in the sanitary building. The washbasins are made clean and tidy several times a day, but if you have a remark: let us know!


Showers are available in the sanitary building. There are tractors in the showers with which you can slide the excess shower water into the well. Also don't forget to remove the hairs at the well, which is nice for the guests who come after you. Children under 10 always under the supervision of an adult. The showers are made clean and tidy several times a day, but if you have a remark: let us know!

Sanitary facilities for the disabled

At our campsite we take the disabled into account as much as possible. This also means that we have special sanitary facilities for people with reduced mobility. These are barrier-free for wheelchair users and equipped with supports to help you get up. If you are missing something, please let us know! The shower facilities can be found next to the sanitary building of the campsite. The key can be collected at the reception. We also have a disabled toilet at the shop.

Baby changing room

Babies and campsites: it is a challenge and enjoyment at the same time! We do not have a special baby room, but in the sanitary building for the disabled there is a baby bath on a stand and a changing table (for children up to 2 years). The key can be collected at the reception. A changing table is also available in the mid-valet toilet at the shop

Chemical toilet dump

At the waste site you will find a cistern for chemical toilets.

Washing machine

Turn laundry? At Bonneblond you will find a washing machine that can be of service! Handy if the children make more dirty than you brought with you, if you want a chlorine-free towel again after a few days at the swimming pool or simply because your favorite camping clothing is ready. Ask Willem and Helen if the washing machine is free.


At the sanitary building, the black sink on the right is intended for small hand wash.


Isn't the weather going to make your washing dry on the clothesline? Or do you not have enough time for that? Feel free to use our dryer. You will find the dryer and washing machines behind the sanitary building. (5 Euro)

Drying line

The drying lines next to the sanitary building are free for everyone to use.